Getting Started


Alligator hunting in Georgia is a “permit only” sport, and permits are issued by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources through a “Rejection Point” system.  1,000 alligator permits are currently issued in the state of Georgia. 

To enter the selection process for an Alligator Quota Hunt Permit, log on to and complete the account registration process.  YOU MUST CREATE AN ACCOUNT TO ENTER THE QUOTA HUNT PERMIT SELECTION PROCESS.  After completing the account registration, you must then complete a Quota Hunt application.  The application window is June 1st through July 31st.  Georgia DNR will notconsider any applications received after the July 31st deadline.  In the process you will be asked to select a hunting “Zone” in which you wish to hunt.  To view the specific Georgia hunting zones, please log on to

If you are selected for a permit, you will need both your permit and an Alligator Hunting license, which can be purchased wherever hunting licenses are sold. 

Randy will be happy to assist you with the application process.  Contact him at or 478-837-1319 with any questions you may have.